Monday, November 06, 2006

Clickbooth making waves in Online Marketing

Can anyone make 350$ per ad action ??

The answer is Yes, Everyone can make, depending upon your ad selection on Clickbooth . They pay Cost per action basis, not on cost per click basis.

> This is no fraud.
>They really pay.
>You will require a website that gets atleast 1000 page views per month.
>No porn content. launches New Publisher Network with :

> Highest Payouts Guaranteed.
> Weekly Payouts
> Unique Offers
> Some of our Advertisers - Blockbuster,Video Professor, AOL, EntertainmentBook, Zip offers

Clickbooth is beating all of the Networks payouts as well as Googles CPC and all of the other programs.

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IntegraClick, Inc. &
Phone: 941-925-18455919
Beneva rd. Sarasota, FL 34238


make money online said...

clickbooth is such a good money making site. i joined the program and got a good earning in less than a month's time.

peter said...

i joined clickbooth for about a month, their outstanding payment really make my eyes drop. i felt regretful not joining them in a realier time.

redz said...

Great company, really helped me increase my ROI. Great affiliate manager to go with it who answers and helps me with anything I need done. Highly recommended.