Friday, December 08, 2006

Want To Increase Alexa Ranking

For A Few Days I was really wondering how Alexa could track every website traffic without putting tracking code in each website. Then, I found the answer in a site. Alexa does so by using the toolbar they installed in a computer. Then, the toolbar will send the data to Alexa server. By doing so, Alexa is just actually showing the traffic of users with Alexa Toolbar. So, Alexa ranking doesn’t show the real traffic of your website(That's Rite). So, you find the trick here. You can easily increase your Alexa Ranking by doing so:

  • Install Alexa Toolbar.
  • Then, visit your blog yourself with Alexa Toolbar installed thousands times. ( If you are free, please do visit my website with Alexa Toolbar too.
  • Your Alexa Ranking will Increase!

Actually, I do not advise you to do so because Alexa Toolbar is a kind of spywares ( I Heard So). You are actually risking your computer by installing it. So, think twice before doing so.

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