Saturday, February 03, 2007

Webmastersroom | Get Paid To Post is for webmasters and people interested in webmaster topics only. I like this forum very much bcoz memmbers of this forum are rewarded for there valuable posts, replies and the information they share on this website. This a very good site of useful webmaster resources and discussions.

At they have set up a system (which i like the most)where active members can earn ad revenue by inserting there google adsense id. The forum displays adverts just under the header on all topic pages throughout the site. If you have a google adsense id you can participate in this here.

For every new threads you start your adsense id will be shown 50% of the time when the thread is being viewed and you will earn revenue if they are clicked. By default to avoid breaking google adsense terms and conditions the ads you see while being logged in will never be your own. This is to avoid click fraud. They take this very seriously and will ban any member that we have proof of doing this and report you to google, So the simple answer is dont do this.

The current reward rates are :

New thread $0.02

New post/ reply $0.02

New referal who posts 100 times $2

You can cash out to Paypal when you have accumalated 5$.

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